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Innovation, Succession & Precision are three pillars of continuous progress and development but the fourth most important reason to follow the rest are social accountability & sustainability.

In Diamond, we follow the numerous verticals to help & promote the undeveloped areas of the industry. We care from raw material to all the way to customer every life involved in the supply chain.

Our different areas covers special methods to control & monitor are cause to keep the system on-going.



Image by Erik-Jan Leusink

Material is something which gives gravity and existence to a product, but a sustainable source gives true value to it. Diamond source raw material with complete back traceability and sustainable region. BCI Organic cotton, recycled cotton, controlled-monitored man made fibres, natural wools, New Zealand sustainable wool, banana silk, pure silk, peace silk are some of the many sustainable raw materials we use for manufacturing.


For packaging, Diamond use FSC certified or recycle papers for stationary as well as labels meeting all the quality parameters.

Diamond conduct audits throughout the year on its suppliers for regular quality & social accountability check.



Diamond has strict protocols & strongly against child labour. Towards the welfare of future generation, every year Diamond fund more than 400 children's education to the unprivileged kids for whom a single meal itself is a biggest challenge than education.  The activities involves free distribution of textbooks, meals, stationary, medical treatment & health treatment for the needful. Along with this Diamond is associated with many international children welfare foundations and organisation to promote child education & welfare. 

With the aim to increase literacy rate, Diamond also promotes & recommend every worker to admit their children to school. 




More than 78 villages & 10 towns has been developed with the help of Diamond in city of Agra. The facilities provides directly & in-directly employment to more than 35,000 people with the resources & income.


Diamond has donated 50 hand-pumps to many un-developed remote villages near Agra with the only aim to help as much as people as possible. On going with the other activities, daily free drinking water facility has been working for the people outside every Diamond facility.


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Diamond family includes more than 40% of women workers directly associated. We have trained workers in more than 23 skill techniques among 7 different process.

Among workers background, majority of the categories are of single mothers, sole-bread earner, In-Active weavers & Old age women. Even workers with least skills have been appointed in easy tasks of yarn opening and yarn arrangements for full time employment.



Diamond organise free medical camps for all of their workers & employees in every 6 months providing people a good medical check up & free medicines. Activity strongly focus on women workers & all the health awareness they needed for a healthy life.

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