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In 1975, further to the state of emergency declared by Indira Gandhi, then Prime minister of India, country's economy has been strike hard with a major unbalance in stock market and commodities trading. Due to which the basic producers and mass of population hit with unemployment & no income. During those day, Mr. Kailash Chand Jain, fourth and the youngest son of the 5 Century old artisan family, persuade into hand-made carpet industry supporting & promoting many unprivileged carpet weavers.


The 46 year old businessman initially explored the scope of Hand-knotted carpets in domestic market which eventually getting feed to supply the export market.


From ancient family arts & design books passed through many generation, Mr. Kailash Chand has developed many of the historically inspired carpets designs. The details were so deep that every rug depicts a legendary story itself.

Finally with accumulation of proper resources & systematic management systems, in 1977

Mr. Kailash Chand has put the foundation of Diamond Group in Agra.


1931 - 2020

Respect  the art, Acknowledge the Artist,
Follow the ethics, Lead with strong objectives.
                                                    -Mr. K.C. Jain



With the idea to escalate the growth through a parallel high demand market during unbalance economic conditions, the entire idea to directly export rugs and carpets was developed. To feed the uprising international market with something new, much durable & of better functionality a better version of hand-knotted rugs developed making the texture much stronger than before.

In 1985, Diamond Group directly exported its first consignment of high quality 100 knots per square inch oriental collection to USA. And that's how the journey from Indian old street to New York high street begun.



First time in history, Diamond Group has started in-house complete supply chain facility of hand-knotted rugs & carpets in 2016. From raw material inbound to final dispatch, entire supply chain has been secured with complete traceability.

From sustainable raw material sourcing to better industry practices, every measure we need to take in order to make environment better to live. Renewable energy usage, proper water harvesting channel, eliminating plastic waste and recycling organic waste are many methods Diamond Group has started taking to support environment and climatic conditions. Diamond has started the Go Green project of starting better & organic practices to keep both the nature's flora & fauna healthy, strong and active.

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